Harmony Harvest

September the 10th is the release of Trollbeads Autumn 2020 collection. This launch is particularly rich with 33 pieces and an important new entry. The Trollbeads Fall 2020 is a celebration of the harvest and the earth. Harmony Harvest is a hymn to the unstoppable energy of nature which, thanks to its gifts, offers us the opportunity to improve and reborn.

The great novelty of this collection is, without a doubt, the return of porcelain. After its debut as a limited edition on Trollbeads Day 2019, porcelain officially joins the Trollbeads collection.

If the Trollbeads Day set proposed the motifs of the Chinese tradition, strictly hand painted with a beautiful cobalt blue, the porcelain set of the autumn 2020 collection depicts more rural motifs, with the representation of the fruits of the earth.

The porcelain kit is composed by six beads: the delicate aubergine, the fresh corn, the hearty pumpkin, the spicy chili, the juicy grapes and the giving seeds. Six rigorously hand-painted pieces, with extraordinary accuracy and refinement of details, which even reaches the accurate representation of small insects on some of them, such as the hearty pumpkin, one of my favourite porcelain. Each porcelain, in the best Trollbeads tradition, has a meaning, which are going to discover together:

Delicate aubergine – live a colourful life;
Fresh corn – every day is a fresh start;
Hearty Pumpkin – make a difference where you can;
Spicy Chili – sometimes the tiniest thing has the greatest impact;

Juicy grapes – life has many ways. You decide the path;
Giving seeds – don’t command the seed to grow. Instead nurse the soil.

The new porcelain retail for € 55,00 each.

The autumn collection therefore offers two sets of glass. The first Harvest kit consists of six beads ranging from typical autumn colours, such as orange and amber, to pastel colours. The glassbeads are the following:

- Pastel Flower Decor. This is my favourite glass of this kit. Its colours are very soft and delicate. The beauty of nature is enclosed in a flower.
- Green Field, instead, has a beautiful intense green base with a darker green pattern that recalls leaves and grass, and red dots, representing flowers.

- Purple Field proposes the same theme of Green Field but with a violet base.
- Gracious Reeds, instead, has a violet base with orange, green and lilac transversal lines.
- Green Leaf depicts a leaf rocked by the wind.
- Coral Flower Decor, finally, has an orange base with a coral flower that is repeated several times.

The second set gives us two little foxes and, again, purely autumnal motifs. These are the 6 glasses:

- Quiver of Hope is my favourite glass of this kit. With delicate pastel colours it is a glass that matches well with different bracelets and gives them a touch of elegance and romance. Its meaning too is very touching: “Hope can be found in the tiniest of seeds”.
- Flurry of Change repeats the same design, but the colours are stronger. Instead of a delicate pink flower, we have a violet base and the leaves are of a more intense green.
- Loyal Friend and Joyful Friend have as subject a graceful white and black fox on a tiffany and orange base, respectively. The fox, as many of you already know, has already made its appearance in the recent uniques, but compared to the latter, I think these ones are less graceful.
- Red Leaf has an orange base and a leaf that seems to whirl in the wind.
- Swaying Reeds, finally, has a clear base crossed by many lines of different colours.

Each glass retail for € 45,00 and remember that when you buy a kit of six beads, you only pay for five.

Like any noteworthy collection, the gemstones could not be missing. Trollbeads offers us two new stones: Red Jasper and Hornblende.

Red Jasper  is a strong gemstone of justice and protection and its reminder that we are all here to help one another. The colour of this stone is full and it’s almost orange, a warm brick and it will make a fabulous basis for some Halloween bracelets.
Hornblende is a new discover for me. Hornblende is said to calm the mind. It promotes unity and helps when a compromise is needed. The colour is full and ranges from black to white, with some translucent parts.

The gemstones retail for € 65,00 each.

The surprises of this collection, however, are not over yet. Trollbeads, in fact, gives us the fantasy necklace with ruby, which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful after the one with emerald.
The shape of the stone is not the classic one that Trollbeads had accustomed us to, but it is teardrop and is very reminiscent of Ruby Falcon silver.
Overall, the necklace is very fine and elegant.
The fantasy necklace retails for € 240,00.

Harmony Harvest porcelain set
Pumpkin side A
Pumpkin side B
Trollbeads Harvest kit
Trollbeads companion kit
Trollbeads Red Jasper
Trollbeads Hornblende
Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with Ruby

The new collection brings us six new decorative silver pieces.

- Everlasting Unity represents a mandala and it’s clearly suited to a fantasy necklace. It retails for  € 45,00.
- On Top is a silver that would be the perfect beads in pairs hugging and framing a gemstone or a glassbead.
It retails for € 35.00.
- Pause is the smaller version of Everlasting Unity and it perfectly suits on a bracelet. It retails for  € 35,00.
- Playful cat is a realistic looking silver and it’s clearly suited to a fantasy necklace. Playful cat retails for € 55,00.
- Bird of Calm is a small bird. It retails for € 45,00.
- Buzzing Family is, together with Everlasting Unity, my favourite silver of this collection. It’s a very detailed silver with three flowers and three large bees. This bead works well with floral design or in a bee themed bracelet.
It retails for € 65,00.

Three spacers and three locks complete the collection.
Spacers are good replacements for beads and they are very versatile. They pop up on bangles and I think decorative spacers are very beautiful. Launching for fall is the Trollbeads Mandala Spacer, which suits well with On Top and Pause silvers, Chili Spacer, which has the same subject of one of the porcelain bead, Spicy Chili, and Lizard Spacer, which complete a bracelet together with one of the new locks of this collection, Lizard lock. Each spacer retails for 45,00.

Finally come three locks. The first is the Lizard lock. It actually feels slightly abstract in its design and it suits well on a man bracelet. This is a lock that I’ve been waiting for a long time and it disappointed me a little bit, because I prefer more realistic and detailed design.
The second one is the Mandala lock, which complements a theme of silver beads, such as On Top and Pause. It’s a strong and solid lock.
The last one is Buzzing Lock. This is my favourite one because it’s very beautifully detailed. I think it will give a touch of romance to our bracelet.
The locks retails for € 65,00 each.

Overall, I quite like this collection, in particular the buzzing family silver and the Buzzing lock. I really love the ruby necklace too. The glasses, on the other hand, did not particularly impress me. Porcelains are certainly the strong point of this collection, which, seems to me to be well assorted and very rich.
What are your thoughts about this collection? Would you buy some pieces? What is your favourite one? As always, I enjoy hearing from you all, so please leave me a comment below.

In the meantime, keep following me, because September will be a month full of news for Trollbeads fans. Next date: the launch of the winning bead of the People's Bead competition, on September 18. See you soon!

The pictures in this article have been taken at De Marchi Gianotti Jewellery in Aosta that I thank for the availability and courtesy.

Trollbeads Everlasting Unity
Trollbeads on Top
Trollbeads Pause
Trollbeads Playful cat
Trollbeads Buzzing Family
Trollbeads Mandala Spacer
Trollbeads Chili Spacer
Trollbeads Lizard Spacer
Trollbeads Lizard Lock
Trollbeads Mandala Lock
Trollbeads Buzzing Lock