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Welcome on Beadsemotion!

I’m Barbara and I opened this blog to share with you all my passion for the magical world of beads. If you are a fan of Trollbeads and a beads’collector too, this is the right place for you! I’ll update you on the latest releases and I’ll offer you insights and reviews of the beads that we dream about.
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Together apart!

Many of you will be wondering why I have not published any review on the new Trollbeads winter collection that was released yesterday, November 6th.
Unfortunately, due to the health emergency from Covid-19, my region is again a red zone and I'm in lockdown. I therefore find myself unable to see these new beads live and review them.
I hope that everything will be resolved soon and that I will be able to talk to you about Beads again as soon as possible.

Trollbeads Together apart

Thun by Trollbeads: when Italian creativity and fairy tale meet Danish handicraft and design

They have been waiting for a long time, but finally fans of Thun and Trollbeads brands can rejoice! The new collection, exclusively for the Italian market, is in fact available from today, Friday the 16th of October, after it was initially announced for September 25.

Thun by Trollbeads

Heart Ripples: the new Trollbeads starter bracelet

October is just at the beginning and Trollbeads is already delighting us with a new limited edition starter bracelet. Those who would like to start a new story, therefore, cannot miss this wonderful opportunity.
“Heart of Ripples” consists of a sterling silver bracelet with an exclusive silver bead with heart motif, a silver lock with ripples across its clasp and a stunning glass bead soaked in soft blue, all in the theme of ripples in the water.

Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart Ripples

Trollbeads People’s Bead: discover “Framed by Ivy”, the winning bead of 2020 Edition

“A forever love withstands the test of time, like the faithful Ivy its bond cannot be broken”

Nick Cannon

The moment that so many have been waiting for with trepidation has arrived! The winner of the People's Bead 2020 has already been unveiled for a few days now, but from today it’s finally available in all Trollbeads stores and online.
People's Bead is one of the most Trollbeads exciting event where each of us can become a Trollbeads designer. People's Bead is a bead inspired by people and selected by people.

Trollbeads Framed by Ivy

Harmony Harvest: Trollbeads Autumn Collection is here!

September the 10th is the release of Trollbeads Autumn 2020 collection. This launch is particularly rich with 33 pieces and an important new entry. The Trollbeads Fall 2020 is a celebration of the harvest and the earth.

Harmony Harvest

The Trollbeads People’s Uniques 2020 are finally here!

September is a month full of news for Trollbeads fans from all over the world! Friday, the 4th of September, Trollbeads finally released the long-awaited six winning uniques of the first Trollbeads competition of this kind.
The idea of the contest was to invite collectors to participate by submitting images of their favourite uniques. Trollbeads community voted and the selected beads were then reproduced in a limited edition set, composed as follows:

Trollbeads People's Uniques

People's Uniques 2020

Let's go back in mind to the month of January, when Trollbeads launched the initiative of the first Trollbeads People's Uniques, inviting collectors to submit images of their all time favourite uniques with the aim of producing a new kit. Trollbeads community was invited to vote upon their favourites and the six winning beads were announced on February 10th and will be released in a limited edition kit from September 4th. The release, initially scheduled for July 10th, was initially postponed on August 14th and finally on September 4th due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

People's Uniques winning beads

The thirteenth Trollbeads Diamond is finally revealed!

Once again, Trollbeads amazes us with the announcement of a new diamond’s release, exclusive for Russia, which seemed to be the great absentee of this virtual tour at the Trollbeads Diamonds’ discovery, as I already wrote in my previous article Trollbeads: Diamonds in the world.
We waited for a long time, but Russian diamond is just gorgeous.

Trollbeads describes this bead with some verses of the poem "Winter morning" of the Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin:

Russian Diamond

Trollbeads Day 2020 is finally here!

Trollbeads Day is finally here! For the sixth consecutive year, Trollbeads celebrates with a limited edition release. This year the famous Danish brand proposes a kit of six engraved glass beads, which will be available from July 25th at a cost of 55,00 € each or, if you buy the full kit, at a cost of 330,00 €. The promotion “buy six glass beads and one is free” it’s not available.

Trollbeads Day 2020

Ohm Inner Self: love at first sight

Do you have a bead that you consider a special one and that literally made you fall in love with a brand?
As some of you already known if they read my presentation, I mainly collect Trollbeads and, just for a little over a year, I approached Ohm Beads universe, thanks to a bead, that I consider very special: Inner Self.

Ohm Inner Self



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