People's Uniques winning beads

Let's go back in mind to the month of January, when Trollbeads launched the initiative of the first Trollbeads People's Uniques, inviting collectors to submit images of their all time favourite uniques with the aim of producing a new kit. Trollbeads community was invited to vote upon their favourites and the six winning beads were announced on February 10th and will be released in a limited edition kit from September 4th. The release, initially scheduled for July 10th, was initially postponed on August 14th and finally on September 4th due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, latest rumours about a new delay have just been confirmed.
The cost of each glass will be € 45.00 and they can be purchased individually too.

I think that it’s a very beautiful kit. Among the selected beads there are two glasses that I voted for, the Multicolor Spirograph unique and the Trolllbeads Waves of Sea, and two that I already have: the Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter and the Flowers of Purity. The other two beads that complete this kit are Traces on Purple and Everchanging Lotus. I don't know yet if I will buy the full kit, as I wait for seeing them in person.

What are your thoughts about this kit? Did you vote for this glass unique? Would you buy them? Have you already preordered the set? As always, I enjoy hearing from you all, so please leave me a comment below.