Thun by Trollbeads

They have been waiting for a long time, but finally fans of Thun and Trollbeads brands can rejoice! The new collection, exclusively for the Italian market, is in fact available from today, Friday the 16th of October, after it was initially announced for September 25.

A universe of values and the attention to details of Trollbeads artisans and designers give life to precious jewels that enclose the fairy-tale world of Thun. This precious collaboration comes to life in a collection that tells the dreams, magic and enchantment of life. Creations made of silver and handcrafted glass in Trollbeads style, decorated with the icons and colours of Thun.
Dreams guarded among flower petals, wishes that fly on the wings of wonderful butterflies, turtles and ladybugs that give happiness, guardian angels and cute little bears that tell the tales of childhood.

This new collection, very cheerful and colourful, is particularly rich and consists of a starter bracelet, ideal for those who want to start a new Thun by Trollbeads story at a promotional price, three locks, three silver pendants, 7 silver beads and 10 glass beads.
Let's see them in detail. The "Bracciale dei Desideri”, the new limited edition starter bracelet, consists of a silver bracelet, a practical lock with a tulip, a flower and a tender ladybug in perfect Thun style, a silver with a flower in relief, a ladybug and a tulip that recall those on the lock and a cheerful glass bead with a beige base and coloured polka dots in relief in blue, orange, pink and white colours. The cost of the bracelet is € 99.00.

Then we find three locks, which the classic Thun icons, that is to say the daisy, the heart and the angel. These are three very simple and practical locks. The cost is € 45.00 each.
- The “Fiore Daisy” Lock reproduces a simple daisy on each side
- The “Cuore nel Cuore” lock has a heart on each side
- The “Angelo” lock reproduces an angel wing on both sides, with soft and sinuous features
Trollbeads therefore offers us three pendants and, more precisely, “Cuore nel Cuore” pendant, “Quadrifoglio” pendant and “Fiore Daisy” Pendant. These are three small pendants, very light that reproduce the heart, the daisy and the four-leaf clover. The cost of each is € 25.00.

The silvers fully reflect the Thun universe with its typical icons. We can divide silvers into three groups according to cost.
The first € 55.00 group consists of the following beads: “Angelo”, “Teddy con Fiori” and “La Tartaruga e la Coccinella”. These silvers are faithful reproductions of the typical Thun figurines. The Angel, who holds a heart in his hands, is double and we find one on each side, while the Teddy with Flowers holds a bouquet of flowers between his paws. Finally, the Turtle and the Ladybug depict a turtle hugging a ladybug.

We therefore have the € 45.00 group with the “Cuore nel Cuore” and “Fiore Daisy” silver beads, which recall their respective locks and, finally, the € 35.00 group with “Intreccio di Cuori” and “Farfalla in volo”, which are smaller compared to the others and whose motif, the hearts and butterflies in fact, are repeated throughout the silver.

Thun by Trollbeads Bracciale dei Desideri - starter bracelet
Thun by Trollbeads locks
Thun by Trollbeads pendants
Thun by Trollbeads Angelo
Thun by Trollbeads Teddy con Fiori
Thun by Trollbeads Tartaruga e Coccinella
Thun by Trollbeads Cuore nel Cuore
Thun by Trollbeads  Fiore Daisy
Thun by Trollbeads  Intreccio di Cuori
Thun by Trollbeads Farfalla in Volo
Thun by Trollbeads Silvers

Let's see now the glass beads. The glasses are slightly smaller than the classic ones and their prices start from € 25.00.
In this range, we have four glasses, all with an opaque base and in a full colour.
These are ”Sogno viola”, “Sogno verde”, “Sogno arancione” and “Filo d’Oro”. The latter is perhaps the glass that has more colour variations from one glass to another, some being cream coloured and others whiter. These colours are well suited to those who love Trollbeads old-fashioned glasses.
Let's move on to the more worked glass from € 45.00. We have four glasses of four different colours with embossed flowers in shades of orange, purple and white. What distinguishes them is the colour of the base, which is always opaque. In fact, the theme is always redundant. In my opinion, they could have varied, inserting instead of flowers, perhaps ladybugs or butterflies in relief. The beads are “Bouquet Arancione “, “Bouquet Viola“, “Bouquet Verde“ e “Bouquet Bianco".

 The last two glasses of this collection are beads with polka dots in relief, the cost of which, also in this case, is € 45.00 each. “Pois sorpresa” has a purple matte base and orange embossed polka dots, while “Pois felicità” has a white matte base and purple polka dots.

I am not a fan of the Thun world, although to tell the truth I have a couple of Thun figurines, but who does not have at least one Thun piece in their home, perhaps the subject of a gift?
Moreover, I don't particularly like matte-based glass. Having said this, I have to say that Trollbeads has finally put an innovative product on the market, after a period of relatively little creativity and originality. I find the lock and the silver of the starter bracelet particularly nice, but I will not buy anything, as they do not fit my style.

What are your thoughts about this collection? Would you buy some pieces? What is your favourite one? Besides collecting Trollbeads, are you also passionate about Thun?
As always, I enjoy hearing from you all, so please leave me a comment below.

The pictures in this article have been taken at De Marchi Gianotti Jewellery in Aosta that I thank for the availability and courtesy. “Bouquet Bianco" picture is a Trollbeads stock image.

Thun by Trollbeads glass beads
Thun by Trollbeads glass beads
Thun by Trollbeads Bouquet Bianco e Angelo