Trollbeads Day 2020

Trollbeads Day is finally here! For the sixth consecutive year, Trollbeads celebrates with a limited edition release. This year the famous Danish brand proposes a kit of six engraved glass beads, which will be available from July 25th at a cost of 55,00 € each or, if you buy the full kit, at a cost of 330,00 €. The promotion “buy six glass beads and one is free” it’s not available.

I just saw these glasses in person and I confirm that the colours are very bright and vibrant. The beads remind closely of some tasty jellybeans. They are perfect beads to wear in summer season. Each bead has a different etched design, creating a frosted effect in the glass. This set is simply called Trollbeads Day 2020, even if the six beads have an individual name. Let’s see them in detail.

The first glass bead is the Plum Tree. This is Trollbeads description “Be patient and know that the finest fruit comes from trees that grow slow”. Among the six beads of the kit, this one is that I like less. The bead, of a mauve colour fading from a light pink to a just more intense violet, has etched a plum leaf. Then we discover together Lime Leaves “If life gives you limes, make margaritas”. This is one of my favourite glass beads together with Raspberry Bush. The green is of a beautiful rich colour and it has beautiful shades. The inlay is transversely repeated and gives us a frozen effect to the glass, almost thirst-quenching in a warm summer evening. Raspberry Bush, “the sweeter the berries, the sharper the thorns”, on the other hand, of a dark pink colour, bears in mind the succulence of raspberries. This bead has etched a leaf too. We continue to speak of freshness and we find Mint Mesh. The mint is rich of properties and its taste and perfume lead us to carefreeness. This glass has a central swirl inlay and the colour fades from a light blue to a light green. Then we have Honey Bee. This is a very good name, thanks to the engraved bee and the hot yellow colour recalling honey. This is Trollbeads description "No time to be idle - said the busy bee”.
Finally, we discover Blueberry Flower, “A stroll in the garden brings peace of mind”. From the glass, of a light blue with dark blue dots, stands out a frozen flower.
These glasses well match together and, in my opinion, they well combine with the Sunset Breeze kit, thanks to its bright colours suitable for summer season.

You can see this set here below together with some pictures I took at   De Marchi Gianotti Jewellery in Aosta that I thank for the availability and courtesy.
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Sunset Breeze kit


Trollbeads Day 2020
Plum Tree
Lime Leaves
Raspberry Bush
Mint Mesh
Honey Bee
Blueberry Flower