Trollbeads People's Uniques

September is a month full of news for Trollbeads fans from all over the world! Friday, the 4th of September, Trollbeads finally released the long-awaited six winning uniques of the first Trollbeads competition of this kind.
The idea of the contest was to invite collectors to participate by submitting images of their favourite uniques. Trollbeads community voted and the selected beads were then reproduced in a limited edition set, composed as follows:

  • Night Sky Glitter
  • Waves of Sea
  • Everchanging Lotus
  • Multicolour Spirograph

  • Flowers of Purity

  • Traces on Purple

The first glass is Night Sky Glitter, that is to say Galaxy unique, a glass that has always been highly sought after by collectors and that certainly could not be missing in this set. I also own the original version of this glass and I have to say that its reproduction is quite faithful. The background reminds me a galaxy, with dark blue and cobalt streaks, punctuated with small silver spheres, representing the stars. The glasses vary greatly in colours: some have very light, almost light blue, streaks, while others are almost completely black.

Waves of Sea is the glass that best represents summer and certainly cannot be missing in a sea-themed bracelet. The waves have shades ranging from aquamarine to blue and break on a golden sand. This is one of the uniques I voted for and it disappointed me a bit. In fact, compared to the original, the sand is almost white and is quite free of glitter.

Everchanging Lotus has a glittery dark blue base, surmounted by petals with shades ranging from mother of pearl to aurora. In this case too, the glasses vary greatly from one another in the size of petals and shades of colours. I have chosen two with softer shapes and a delicate aurora shade.

Trollbeads People's Uniques
Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter
Trollbeads Waves of Sea
Trollbeads Everchanging Lotus

Multicolour Spirograph is a multicoloured glass with an internal copper serpentine, which gives brightness and movement to this glass. It is a very bright unique that matches well with different glassbeads, thanks to its multiple colours, mainly yellow, red and blue.

Flowers of Purity is the glass with a white flower on a purple glitter base, with many tiny bubbles inside.
This glass has been already reproduced in multiple versions and colours by Trollbeads. We have Jumbo Uniques (large size uniques sold mainly in America) and glasses in collection, such as Flowers of Hope, Flowers of Elegance and Flowers of Grace. I love this glass very much, mainly because I love flowers and violet.

Traces on Purple is the last glass of the set and the one that surprised me the most. I don't particularly like ornamental motifs and I have never considered this one before. I have to say, however, that the violet base with aurora flashes and amber shades impressed me positively. The glass is adorned with an ornamental green pattern. The glasses are very different from each other, being handmade, and, therefore, they have to be personally chosen, varying the shades of colour and the ornamental motif, whose line can be more or less marked and of a different intensity of green.

The cost of each bead is € 45.00 and the entire set can be purchased for € 270.00, while stocks last, being a limited edition.

Trollbeads  Multicolour Spirograph
Trollbeads Flowers of Purity
Trollbeads Traces on Purple

I like this set very much and bought it, despite being very heterogeneous. In the next few days, I will have fun composing different bracelets and posting the photos on this blog and on my Instagram profile. What are your thoughts about this kit? Would you buy it? What is your favourite unique? As always, I enjoy hearing from you all, so please leave me a comment below.

In the meantime, keep following me, because, as I told you at the beginning, September will be a month full of news for Trollbeads fans. In fact, on September 10, the Autumn collection will be launched, on September 18 the winning bead of the People's Bead competition will be available and on September 25, exclusively for Italy, the Thun by Trollbeads collection will be released. Finally, at the end of the month, the thirteenth diamond, “Siberian Frost”, will be launched exclusively for Russia. If you don't want to miss any of these events and want to stay updated on the next news, follow me! See you soon!

Important update of the 23rd of September

The releases of the collection Thun by Trollbeads and Siberian Frost have been postponed.
Thun by Trollbeads will be available from October 16 and Siberian Frost from mid-October.

The pictures in this article have been taken at De Marchi Gianotti Jewellery in Aosta that I thank for the availability and courtesy.