Trollbeads Framed by Ivy

“A forever love withstands the test of time, like the faithful Ivy its bond cannot be broken”

Nick Cannon

The moment that so many have been waiting for with trepidation has arrived! The winner of the People's Bead 2020 has already been unveiled for a few days now, but from today it’s finally available in all Trollbeads stores and online.
People's Bead is one of the most Trollbeads exciting event where each of us can become a Trollbeads designer. People's Bead is a bead inspired by people and selected by people.

The winning bead of this year is “Framed by Ivy”, a silver created by the British Amanda White that already won the 2015 edition with the silver “Tropical Travels”. Amanda therefore becomes the first participant to win two editions of this competition.
This design reproduces a wonderful ivy, which surrounds a tree branch with its embrace: a symbol of strength, fidelity and indissoluble bonds to be guarded and protected.

The winner describes it in this way: “This design was created during a time all nations were urged to stay apart in order to protect those we love. In troubled times I found my solace by walking through the woods and countryside. During each visit, I passed ivy covered trees. I admire ivy for its determination, vigour and longevity. Against all odds the faithful ivy forms a strong bond which remains constant throughout the year. I wanted my design to symbolise the unity we share with those we love. The “Framed by Ivy” bead will encompass a precious gemstone or pearl."

This silver is very elegant and beautiful. Three ivy leaves surround a tree branch and encompass a glass, a stone or a pearl. The shape is very sinuous and reminds the "Troll Anemone Pendant". This bead fits particularly well on a bangle or on a snake necklace or a bangle necklace, because it’s a focal element in every composition.
The winning design of 2020 People’s Bead is very beautiful and it retails for € 65,00. Personally, I have to confess that I didn’t vote for it and I’ll not purchase it.

Let's go now to discover all the winners of the past editions of the People's Bead, which is a competition that now boasts 11 years. The first edition, in fact, took place in 2009. The winner is Suzanne Marie Hopping with “Pax”, this sweet design represents Peace - a simple idea that has obviously resonated with many people around the world. The dove embracing the earth, holding an olive branch in its beak, spreading the message of peace throughout the world. Wearing the Pax bead will signify your desire to promote world peace any way you can, no matter how small.

Kristi Denning wins the 2010 edition with “Ice Bear”, once again a silver bead. Ice bear is strong, beautiful... and in trouble! A constant reminder of the fragile climate we need to protect. With luck, his story will have a happy ending.

In 2011 the winning bead is a silver again: “Rolling Waves” by Denise Tong, which represents Water, which is a mighty force of nature, and which allows life on our planet.

The first Italian to win this competition is Daniele Celani in 2012 with the silver “Prayer”. We are all different. We think, we do and we believe in different ways. But what is common for all cultures is the spirit. Customize this bead with the stone that most reflects your soul.

In 2013 we have five winners. The theme was Traditional Sayings. These are the winning designer: the Italian Valentina Rocchi with the silver “Love is Blind”, a dog and a cat hugging each other, to underline that love goes beyond the differences between us.
Then there is “Little Acorns” by Rachel Morris that is to say that from little acorns will grow strong oaks.
The silver “Sakura” by Shizue Ishiwata is the third winner of this edition. A cherry tree blooms at the time of a good notice.
“This too shall pass” by Iris Heyer represents the strength to not surrender after a defeat.
The last winner is finally a glassbead: “Silver Lining” by Rebecca Cresswell, means that “Every cloud has a silver lining” and perfectly match with the glass “Together apart”. Created in 2020 during the pandemic by COVID-19 this bead means that we will get through this together. The bead has two rainbows and two clouds.

Trollbeads Framed by Ivy 2020
Trollbeads Framed by Ivy 2020 Design
Trollbeads Pax 2009
Trollbeads Ice Bear 2010
Trollbeads Rolling Waves 2011
Trollbeads Prayer 2012
Trollbeads Love is Blind 2013
Trollbeads Little Acorns 2013
Trollbeads Sakura 2013
Trollbeads This too shall pass 2013
Trollbeads Silver Lining 2013

In 2014 the winning bead is once again a glass: “Perfect Balance” by Mirjam Seling. Yin & Yang is the perfect balance to keep ultimate harmony in the universe.

2015 is the year of the first victory of Amanda White with the silver “Tropical Travels”, my favourite bead among the winners of this competition. “Travel to your very own paradise. The water is crystal clear. The sand sparkles beneath your feet and the nights are warm and calm. You are surrounded by natural beauty and the sweet fragrance of tropical flowers fills the air.”

In 2016 the winner is once again an Italian, Giuseppe di Meo, with the glass “Celebrate Life”. A rainbow of light invites us to celebrate every day of our life. These are the words of the designer "The inspiration for my bead "Celebrate Life" came from my desire to create a glass bead that was significant and in which everyone could see themselves. I love colours and it has always been a dream to design."

The winning bead of 2017 edition is in two different version: silver and gold and silver. “Dancing Dragons” by Lily Sun is a silver that expresses the joy of being free to love, to find your other half in this vast world of possibilities. May you dance together for a lifetime!

2018 is the year where the winning bead is one of my all-time favourite glasses: “Northern Lights Magic” by Linda Kucina. “Over the polar circle, the Northern Lights play in the night sky. Pale silvery greens and violets dancing over the satin blue Milky Way. Magical and unforgettable, symbolizing the enchanting power of nature.”

And here we are at the 2019 edition. The winning bead is the silver “Turtle Flower” by the Italian Giada Manfredi. The turtle is symbol of Earth and helps you to stay grounded.

Among the winners of the People's bead, there is therefore a strong preponderance of silver. My favourite ones are “Tropical Travels”, as a great lover of travel and nature, and “Dancing Dragons”, as a lover of the fantasy world and a great dreamer. On the other hand, among the glassbeads, I really like “Northern Lights Magic”, which with its wonderful colours photographs the Northern Lights very well and reminds me of the wild landscapes of the Nordic countries.

What are your thoughts about the winning bead of 2020 People’s Bead? Would you buy it? What is your favourite among all the winning beads of this competition? As always, I enjoy hearing from you all, so please leave me a comment below.
In the meantime, keep following me, because soon I’ll present you the new collection, exclusively for Italy, Thun by Trollbeads. Unfortunately the launch, initially scheduled at September 25, has been postponed to October 16. Anyway, the waiting, longer than expected, only increases the trepidation for this collection. Don’t miss!


Trollbeads Perfect Balance 2014
Trollbeads Tropical Travels 2015
Trollbeads Celebrate Life 2016
Trollbeads Dancing Dragons silver 2017
Trollbeads Dancing Dragons silver and gold 2017
Trollbeads Northern Lights Magic
Trollbeads Turtle Flower 2019