Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart Ripples

October is just at the beginning and Trollbeads is already delighting us with a new limited edition starter bracelet. Those who would like to start a new story, therefore, cannot miss this wonderful opportunity.
“Heart of Ripples” consists of a sterling silver bracelet with an exclusive silver bead with heart motif, a silver lock with ripples across its clasp and a stunning glass bead soaked in soft blue, all in the theme of ripples in the water.
The lock has engraved three concentric hearts: two, bigger, defined by a thin line and a third one, smaller, in relief. Wavy lines totally envelop the lock.
A heart-shaped silver with concentric hearts inside, with the same motif of the lock and a glass that varies from blue to light blue with clearer wavy lines, complete this starter bracelet.
This creation releases positivity and energy. The colour of the glass, of a beautiful soft blue, crossed by white waves, recalls the sea that ripples and at the same time the colour of the sky. In fact, blue is associated with the sky, night and infinity, but with water, the sea and the ocean too.
This colour therefore evokes a sense of protection and welcome, being also the colour of spirituality and divinity.
Blue has effects on the psyche and body. In fact, it relaxes the mind and creates an atmosphere of quiet and peace. It therefore gives calm and inner fulfilment.

In my opinion, the glass of this start fully embodies the meaning that Trollbeads wanted to give to this bracelet. "Every act of kindness spread like ripples in the water". A wave of positive energy is ready to conquer us. In 2020 more than ever, we need to spread kindness. Everything we do has ripples.
The lines that are repeated on the lock, on the glass and on the silver recall waves of energy, vibrations of the spirit, while the hearts represent positive feelings, such as Love and Empathy.

It’s a bracelet that, in the official Trollbeads photos, did not impress me very much, but I have to say that it’s very beautiful. In fact, the glass has many shades, ranging from a more intense blue to a lighter blue and conveys an idea of movement, thanks to its changing colours too. As always, I recommend choosing the glass for yourself. In fact, the ripples of the waves and the intensity of the blue vary greatly from one glass to another.

Therefore, this bracelet can be a great opportunity to start a sea-themed story or a more spiritual one, perhaps combining it with the glasses of the 2017 "Wishful sky" start bracelet or combining it with glasses with different shades of blue. If, on the other hand, you want to create a more elegant bracelet, this glass matches very well with the porcelain set of Trollbeads Day 2019, “Brush of Blue, with traditional Chinese motifs painted in a beautiful cobalt blue, on the white base of the porcelain.

"Heart Ripples" is on sale from today price Friday October 2nd at the special price of € 109.00, instead of € 180.00.

Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart Ripples 2020
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart of Ripples 2020 Silver bead
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart Ripples 2020 Silver bead
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart Ripples 2020 lock

Now, you will ask yourself: "What was the first Trollbeads starter bracelet and in which year did it appear?"
Trollbeads launched the first starter in December 2012. The bracelet is "Luck and Joy" and was composed of a polka dot glass available in different colours, a silver that is still in the collection and is one of my favourites in its simplicity, the knot of fortune, and a plain lock.
This bracelet marked the beginning of my adventure in the world of Trollbeads and modular jewellery, as you certainly already know if you have read my presentation in “About me”.

Since then, Trollbeads has released a starter bracelet, initially annually, then twice a year, generally in spring and autumn. These bracelets are always released in very small quantities and sold at a promotional price.
Now let's find out together all the starter bracelet that have followed one another over the years.

In 2013 the starter "Stories of You” was launched.  The name will say nothing to many of you, but this starter consists of a glass, which became one of the most coveted glasses by all Trollbeads collectors: the multifaceted Aurora and of a silver lock with beautiful flowers. Faceted Aurora, in addition to being a very beautiful and refined glass, also marks a new beginning. In fact, for the first time ever, a faceted glass makes its appearance in the world of Trollbeads. This, needless to say, is definitely my favourite starter and, over the years, I have managed to collect, to my great joy, several multifaceted Auroras.

In 2014, we have the starter "My Sweet Stories" which consists of a beautiful green glass, a stylized silver bead "My sweet Stories Heart" and a very simple lock.

In 2015, Trollbeads launched another of my favourite starters: "Good luck". In this case, it is the silver and the lock that strike me in a particular way. The bracelet includes, in fact, a lock with a ladybug and some flowers, a silver bead, a messenger of good luck depicting a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover and a ladybug and a glass with the flower of Love in a beautiful lavender colour.

In 2016 Trollbeads celebrated its 40th anniversary and the "Lucky Friends" bracelet composed of a silver and a lock with a four-leaf clover and a second starter bracelet, which, however, for the first time, doesn’t offer any original beads. The starter “Summer Sea Anemone” bracelet, in fact, consists of the “Sea Anemone” glass and the flower lock, which is still in the collection.

In 2017, two starter bracelets were released: "Feel good" bracelet was composed of a glass with a dark pink base with a white flower with golden lines, a small round silver with a delicate engraved flower that is also repeated on the lock. The second starter is "Wishful sky" with a starry lock and a silver and a beautiful faceted glass of an intense blue. This starter ranks among my favourites and is perfect for a Universe themed bracelet.

In 2018, the "Vine of Dreams" bracelet was released consisting of a silver lock and bead with an abundance of hearts and flowers swirling into each other. The bracelet also contains a fantastic glass bead tapping into the year’s huge trend colour violet with flowers and traces of sparkling glitter inside. The second starter is "Art to go" bracelet. In this case, Trollbeads comes with a unique glass bead of our choice, a new artsy lock and a matching silver bead, speaking to our inner artist.

In 2019, the starter "Hues of Wonder" bracelet came out. This bracelet consists of a beautiful lock with a beautiful orchid flower, a small silver with two pretty leaves and a beautiful glass with a delicate green base with pink petals.
The second starter is the “Heart" bracelet consisting of a lovely purple glass bead, with evenly spaced bubbles around the circumference. In addition, this bracelet features a silver bead and a silver lock, both of which are formed with elegant, stylized hearts. This is the only starter bracelet that I have not purchased until now.

Finally, this year it was released the starter "Flutter by" Bracelet with a beautiful periwinkle coloured Ornament glass, a silver and a lock with a stylized butterfly lying with outstretched wings.
Then there is the new starter bracelet released today, "Heart Ripples", which we have already talked about, while on October 16, together with the exclusive edition for Italy "Thun by Trollbeads, the Thun starter bracelet will be released, which I’ll soon reveal to you.

After this quick review, I just have to ask you, as usual, what do you think about the new Trollbeads starter bracelet? Will you buy it? What is your favourite starter bracelet? Write me your thoughts in the comments. The appointment with the next blog article will instead be on October 16, with my review of the “Thun by Trollbeads” collection. I saw the collection in preview and I have to say that Thun lovers will surely love it. See you soon!

Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Luck & Joy
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Stories of You
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet My sweet Stories
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Good Luck
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Lucky Friends
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Summer Sea Anemone
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Feel Good
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Wishful Sky
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Vine of Dreams
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Art to go
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Hues of Wonder
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Heart
Trollbeads Starter Bracelet Flutter by